Bovada Sportsbook is one of the gaming websites offered by Bovada. New players that create an account can receive a 50% Sports Betting Welcome Bonus on their first deposit.

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Bovada Sports Bonus Codes

Bovada Sports Betting Welcome Bonuses
Bonus CodeTermsWagering Req
50% Sports Betting Welcome Match Bonus! Deposit $20 and play with $30Click Offer to Claim50% Match Bonus, up to $250. Available on your first deposit only. No max cashout!5x Sports, 5x Horses, 30x Casino
Bitcoin 75% Sports Welcome Match Bonus! Deposit $20 and play with $35BTCSWB75075% Match Bonus, up to $750. Available on your first Bitcoin deposit. No max cashout!5x Sports, 5x Horses, 30x Casino


Sports Betting 50% Welcome Bonus

When you create a new account at Bovada, you will be eligible for a 50% Welcome Bonus, up to a $250 Bonus Match, on your first ever deposit. This 50% Welcome Bonus is good at the Sportsbook. You will also be able to use the bonus at the Bovada Casino and the Bovada Horsebook. If you already made a deposit, you will not be allowed to use this one time bonus. The minimum deposit for Credit Cards & Bitcoin is $20.

If you meet these conditions, go to the Cashier to make your first deposit. At the Cashier, select how you want to fund your account. On the screen you are entering your funding source information for your deposit, there will be a button labeled “Choose Your Bonus”. Click on this button to open up a dropdown menu. Select the option “50% up to $250 (25 mBTC) Sports Welcome Bonus” from the list of promotional offers. Once you complete the deposit, your account will be credited with the deposit and the 50% Match Bonus.

This promotional offer will have different wagering requirements depending if you play at the Sportsbook, Horsebook or Casino. For Sports wagers, there will be a playthrough of 5 times the amount you deposited and the amount of bonus you received. If you were to deposit $20, your bonus would be $10. Assuming you play only at the Sportsbook, your wagering requirement would be the $20 deposit plus $10 bonus, then multiply that by 5x for a total of $150 that you would need to play through to complete the bonus. Once the promotional offer is completed successfully, you can withdraw any bonus winnings.

Just to note, the wagering requirement for playing Horses will be 5x also, while wagering at the Casino will have a 30x rollover.


Bitcoin 75% Sportsbook Welcome Bonus

Bovada also offers a first time Bitcoin deposit that can be used at the Sportsbook. This promotional offer requires this be your first ever Bitcoin deposit. This does not need to be your first ever deposit at Bovada, just your first Bitcoin deposit. To claim this promotional offer, make a deposit of at least $20 and use the BTCSWB750 bonus code.

To maximize your bonus options, you can actually claim 50% Sports Welcome Bonus first by depositing with a credit card, and then claim this 75% Bitcoin Sports Welcome Bonus afterwards by deposit with Bitcoin.

If you choose to play at Bovada Sports for your playthrough, there will be a wagering requirement of 5 times your deposit amount plus your bonus amount. For example, if you deposit $20 your bonus amount would be $15. This would make your total playthrough for the wagering requirement $175. Once you complete your playthrough, you will complete this bonus offer and can withdraw your bonus winnings.

This coupon code can also be used to play at the Bovada Casino or the Bovada Horsebook. There will be a wagering requirement of 5x the deposit and bonus for wagering on Horses. If you choose to wager at the Casino, the wagering requirement will have a 30x rollover factor.


Create an Account

To claim the 50% Sports Welcome Bonus you will first need to create a Bovada account. If you are interested in signing up for an account now, click on this button:

You will now be at the main Bovada sign-up form. Here you will need to provide your actual information. This means the name and contact information should match what appears on your Driver’s License. If you plan to play for real money, you should make sure to enter your correct information during sign-up to prevent an issues when you plan to withdraw your winnings.


Bovada Registration Form

The information required for registration form is simple.

Registration Info
First Name
Last Name
Date of Birth
Mobile Number
Zip Code

As mentioned above, the First Name and Last Name should match your legal name as it appears on your Driver’s License. It should also match the name on the funding source, like Credit Card, that you plan to use for deposit.

You will also need to enter a real mobile phone number, since Bovada will send you a text message with a code to verify your account.

Finally, you will be asked verify you are of the legal age by accepting the check box. You will also need to read the “Term of Service” link since creating an account means you accept the Bovada “Terms of Service”.

After you complete this form, press the “Register” button and this will take you to the next step.

You will then receive an SMS text from Bovada. Take the code and enter it into the verification form.


Create a 4-Digit Security Pin

On the next form, you will then need to create a 4-Digit PIN. This security code will be used as an authentication code when you make withdrawals. This prevent unauthorized usage of your account balance.

After this form, your account will be created. There will be a deposit popup, giving you the option to make a Deposit now or make it later on. We will cover deposits in the next section.


Make a Deposit

Once you have a Bovada account, you will be able to make a deposit. If this is your first ever deposit, you will be able to claim the 50% Sports Welcome Bonus promotional offer.

To make a deposit, go to the Cashier.


Main Menu – Deposit

At the top, there will be a “Profile” icon on the top menu, on the right side. Click on this icon to open up the “Profile” menu. Here there will be a “Deposit” button. Click on this to go to the Cashier.


Deposit Options

Bovada offers a few options to make your deposit. The two most popular options are Bitcoin and Credit Cards. We will cover those two in this review. They also allow you to fund your account with Zelle, Voucher and Bitcoin Cash. Some options like Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash will have no fees while Credit Card deposit are free for the first deposit, 5.9% there after.


Deposit with Credit Cards

Depositing with Credit Cards will be free the first time you use it. All additional deposits will then have a fee of 5.9% to cover the transaction costs. For Credit Cards, you can use a card backed by Visa, Mastercard or American Express.


Credit Card Info

There will be a minimum deposit requirement of $20 when you use a credit card to fund your account. The maximum you can deposit at one time is $1500.

Besides the amount you want to deposit, you will need to provide your credit card information and the last 4-digits of your social security number. If this is not ideal for you, we suggest you look into other deposit options like Bitcoin, which also has the benefit of no deposit fees.

Credit Card Information
Card Number
Street Address
Last 4-digits SSN

If this is your initial deposit, you can claim the 50% Sports Welcome Bonus by clicking on the “Choose Your Bonus” menu and select “50% up to $250 (25 mBTC) Sports Welcome Bonus” from the menu. No bonus code is required, just that this be your first ever deposit, regardless of funding methods. You can also enter your own promo code, if you prefer, or choose one of the other bonus offers.

After you submit your payment, your account will be credited with your real money deposit.


Deposit with Bitcoin

As mentioned above, Bitcoin deposits are free for the first and all deposits there after, making this alone an ideal option to fund your account with Bitcoin.

When you make a deposit with Bitcoin, there is a minimum requirement of $20. The maximum you can deposit with Bitcoin is $100,000. To make a get the required deposit info to send your payment, click on the “Deposit Now.”


BitCoin Address

Here on this page, will be the information you need to send your Bitcoin payment. You will have the wallet address information to send your Bitcoin payment. Also on this screen, will be the current BTC to USD exchange rate, which will be locked in for 15 minutes.

From this screen, you will have 3 options to send your Bitcoin payment. You can scan the QR Code with your eWallet. You will also have to option to launch your eWallet and this will fill out the necessary information. The other option is to copy the address string and paste it to your ewallet. If you decide to copy the address, make sure to not manually retype the digital address. The reason being that one mistyped character will cause your payment to be sent to that wrong address, and cannot be undone. So make sure to copy and paste the address.


Bitcoin – Help Info

If you have used Bitcoin before, this will look familiar to you. But if you are new to Bitcoin, we recommend you read the Bitcoin overview written by Bovada. You can find this info on the “Help” page, then go to the “Bitcoin” section. Here you find information about how to use Bitcoin.


Make a Withdrawal

Once you complete the terms of the Bonus offer, you will be able to withdraw your bonus winnings.


Withdrawal – Main Menu

To make a withdrawal, you will need to go to the Cashier. Similar to making a deposit, you can to the Cashier by clicking on the “Profile” menu. This will be located on the top menu bar, on the far right. In the menu, there will be a “Withdraw” button to go directly to the withdraw tab at the Cashier.


Withdrawal Options

At the Cashier page, you will have a few options to request your payment for your payout. Your choices will be cryptocurrency, Check by Courier and Vouchers. Each option will have a similar process, the main different are the withdrawal limits and fees.


Withdraw with Bitcoin


Bitcoin & BitcoinCash Payout

For Bitcoin withdrawals, there is a minimum payout requirement of $10. One of the great things about Bitcoin, there is no maximum withdrawal limit. But any payment requested above $9500 will be paid in installments of $9500, until your total withdrawal amount is completed. Each installment will be every 3 days.

Bitcoin withdrawal will have no fee. We recommend you take advantage of using Bitcoin to handle your banking transactions at Bovada.

Transfer time is usually 15 minutes after approval.


Voucher Payout

Payouts made with a Voucher have a minimum requirement of $10 and maximum of $5000 per request. Any payout above $3000 will be divided into two installments. There will be no fees for a Voucher withdrawal.

Vouchers will be sent to your email that you have on your profile. Transactions will be sent within 15 minutes after your withdrawal is approved.


Check by Courier Payout

We do not recommend you receive your withdrawal payment through Check by Courier, due to the $100 fee for each installment. There is a minimum withdrawal requirement of $100. There is no limit to how much you can withdraw, but you will receive your payment in increments of $3000. Each installment will be every 7 days and have a $100 transaction fee.

It can take up to 15 days to receive your payment, after you withdrawal is approved.


Placing a Sports Bet

After you make your deposit, you will be able to place a wager on games available at the Bovada Sportsbook.

To go to Bovada Sports, select the “Sports” tab from the top menu. This will take you to Sportsbook lobby.


Sports Available

Below the main menu bar, there will be a navy blue menu bar where you can select the sports category you would like to see the schedule of games. You will be able to select games from a large selection of sports leagues as soon as today, or even in the future.


Bovada – In-season Sports Leagues

The large icon sports categories, will most likely be the sports leagues in season. For the list of all other available sports categories, click on the All Sports (A-Z) icon. This will open up another submenu with a list of more sports.

Some of the main Sports available are Football, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Rugby and eSports. Each sports category will have different leagues to choose from, depending on the time of the year. This means you can find leagues in the US, England, Ireland, Germany, Spain, other parts of the European Union and whole list of other countries.


Sports Leagues
Football – NFL

Basketball – NBA & WNBA
Baseball – MLB
Soccer – Premier, La Liga, Bundesliga, MLS
Hockey – NHL
and many more


Mobile Layout

If you plan to play on a mobile device, the layout will be optimized for portrait view. So everything you need to access can be easily found with just a few scrolls down.


Mobile – Lobby & Sports Category & Sports Category Expanded

The mobile layout will be more condensed compared to the desktop version. The list of the main sports currently in season will be visible in white tabs. Click on a sports category like “Basketball” to see the list of available games. The schedule will show the games available today, as well as other in the upcoming week.


Mobile – Sports Category & Specific Game

In each sports category, you will see the schedule of available games. This will include all leagues available to the Bovada Sportsbook. You can scroll through the schedule for current and future games. Once you find a game you would like to wager on, you can click on it to get more details.


Mobile – Specific Game & Bet Slip

For each game on the schedule, you can select it to find out more info. For some games you will be able view a Live Stream of that game. Below that, there will be options to bet on the over/under of the Spread, the Win or the Total. If you want to wager on this game, just select your bet from the Spread, the Win or the Total grid.

You can then view your bet slip by clicking on Bet Slip icon on the far right of the bottom menu. This will open up your bet slip.


Mobile – Place wager on the Bet Slip & Number Pad

Mobile – Bet Slip Placed

Here at the Bet Slip, you will need to enter the amount you want to bet on each wager. The wagers will be ones you selected at the game detail page. To place a bet, in the “Risk” field enter how much you want to bet. To the right, in the “Win” field, you will see how much you will win based on your bet.

One thing I prefer about the mobile version of the bet slip is that there is an on-screen numeric keypad and also quick wager amount of +$1, +$5, +$10 and +$20 so that you can place you bet quickly. This is ideal if you are placing a bet quickly while you are out using your phone.

After you place your bet on all your wagers, press the “Place Bets” to submit your wagers. Your real money account balance will be deducted your total stake.


Desktop Layout

If you decide to play on your desktop, you will see that the layout is similar to the mobile version. Even though the layout is still optimized for portrait layout, the extra resolution allows for more spacing. Even though the mobile version isn’t considered cramp, the desktop version feels more roomy.


Desktop Lobby

At the lobby, you will be able to select the sport you wish to wager at the sub menu bar. You will also have the option to view games schedule for today in various sports and leagues.


Desktop for a Specific Sports Category

In the section for a specific Sport, in this case Basketball, you will see available games for today towards the top, and below that will be upcoming games in the schedule. If you see a game you would like to wager on, click on that game.


Desktop Sportsbook Game Details

Here on the details page of game, you will see the betting line for the Win, the Total and the Spread. You will be able select the box you want to place wager on.


Sportsbook Bet Slip

To the right of the game you are placing a wager on, there will be the bet slip. For each wager you selected, you will be able to place a bet. You will be able to place how much you want to bet in the “Risk” field and see how much you could win to the right of it.

At the bottom of the bet slip, you will see you the “Total Bets” you placed. This will also show the “Total Stake” and the “Possible Winnings” from all of your bets.

When you are done, submit your bet slip by pressing the “Place Bets” button. Your “Total Stake” will then be deducted from your real money balance.


Live View

Some games will have the availability to stream the match through “Live View”.


Game Detail Live View

The stream will depend on broadcasting restrictions, but in cases where it is available, you can find it on the page for Match Details. This is the same page you will make your bet


Wagering Requirement

Both the 50% Sportsbook Welcome Bonus and the 75% Bitcoin Sports Betting Welcome Bonus both have the same wagering requirements.

If you are new to wagering requirement, it is the amount you must playthrough to complete the bonus. Once the bonus is successfully completed, you will be able to withdraw your bonus winnings you may have earned through the bonus.

The playthrough for the wagering requirement is calculated by adding the amount you made during your deposit and the bonus received in return. Take this sum and multiply it by the rollover factor, which can be found in the terms of the promotion. In mathematical form, it would look like this:

(Deposit + Bonus) x Rollover

Using the 75% Bitcoin Sports Betting Welcome Bonus as a nexample, lets assume you make a deposit of $20. In this situation you would get a bonus of $15. Reading the terms of the promotion, you will see that the rollover factor depends on the type of games you place your wager. For this example, we will assume you place wagers only at the Sportsbook, which would make your rollover factor 5x. Plugging these values into the formula you get:

($20 Deposit + $15 Bonus) x 3 times Rollover

This would make your total playthrough $175 to complete the terms of the wagering requirement.



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