BetDSI has over 20 years of experience, and offers great bonus codes for new users, especially the 100% Welcome Bonus for Casino Games. They offer a variety of options for gambling at the Sportsbook, Online Casino, Racebook, Esports and Entertainment to name some of the gaming options.

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BetDSI Bonus Codes

BonusDescription Bonus CodeRollover
100% Welcome Bonus for CasinoCreate an account and deposit a minimum of $50 and receive a 100% bonus for casino gamesUSACASINO40x Casino
50/50 Welcome BonusCreate an account and deposit a minimum of $50 and receive a 50% bonus for casino games and another 50% bonus for sportsbookUSABONUS40x Casino / 20x Sports
30% Bitcoin Re-Up for SportsbookRedeposit into your account using Bitcoin and receive a 30% bonusRE-UP3010x Sports



100% Welcome Bonus Codes for Casino Games

BetDSI offers a casino only Welcome Bonus that gives new users who sign-up for a new BetDSI account a 100% Welcome Bonus. To claim this Welcome Bonus, create a new account and deposit at least $50 and use the bonus code USACASINO. This promotion can be claimed up to $1000.

This bonus code has a 40x rollover amount and can only be used towards casino games. Any games played towards other games, like the sportsbook, will not count towards meeting your wagering requirement. If you are unfamiliar with rollover amount and wagering requirement, we will go into detail in the selection below.

Wagering requirement is the amount you must play before you can withdraw your money. But real quickly, the wagering requirement formula is the deposit amount plus the bonus amount, then multiply it by the rollover amount. For example, if you deposit $100, you would receive a $100 bonus, making your wagering requirement, $8000.


50/50 Casino & Sports Bonus Code

If you are interested in wagering both casino games and sportsbook, consider the 50/50 Welcome Bonus. This promotion will give you a 50% bonus to use on casino games and a 50% bonus to use on the sportsbook. To claim this 50/50 Welcome Bonus, make a deposit of at least $50 and use the bonus code USABONUS. This promotion can be claimed up to $500 in casino games and $500 in the sportsbook.

This bonus code has 40x rollover amount for casino games and 20x rollover amount for the sportsbook. If you were to deposit $100, you would receive a $50 bonus to use on casino games and $50 bonus to use on the sportsbook. This would make your total wagering requirement $6000

($50 deposit + $50 bonus casino) x 40 rollover = $4000 for casino games
($50 deposit + $50 bonus sportsbook) x 20 rollover = $2000 for sportsbook


30% Sports Re-Up Bonus Code

If you re-up (aka re-deposit into) your account using Bitcoin, you can receive a 30% bonus. Simply choose the RE-UP30 bonus code when you make your deposit using Bitcoin. This promotion can be claimed up to $2,500 max bonus. There is a 10x rollover attached to this bonus code. You can only use this towards sportsbook games.

If you deposit $100 and receive a $30 bonus, your wagering requirement would be $1300.

($100 deposit + $30 bonus) x 10x rollover = $1300

As you will see from this article, using Bitcoin to deposit and withdraw money, gives your some of the best options at BetDSI.


How to Redeem a Bonus Code

To claim a bonus, it is an easy process. When you are making your deposit at the Cashier, you will see a selection of bonus codes on the deposit page. This makes it easier to choose your bonus code, without having to remember the code to enter on the page.


Claim Your Bonus Code


When you are choosing your bonus code, you will see that there is a brief description underneath the code. This also makes it easier to make sure you do not choose the wrong one. Once you have found the one you like, click on the checkbox next to the bonus code.

Remember, all bonus codes are optional. If you decide there is one you like, make sure to select it now before you finalize your deposit. Promotions cannot be claimed retroactively, after you submit your deposit.

You may also choose to not select a bonus code because the choice of games available may not suit your interests. Remember that bonus codes do have a wagering requirement and you must make sure you are prepared to meet the requirements of the bonus code before accepting. We will go over it in detail next.


Wagering Requirement

One of the most important factors when choosing a bonus code, to make sure it is worth your while, is the wagering requirement. If you are new to betting online, wagering requirement is the amount you must play before your can withdraw money from your account after claiming a bonus. The three factors for calculating the wagering requirement for a promotion are the deposit amount, the bonus amount and the rollover factor. Once you know this info, you can plug it into this formula: take the sum of the deposit amount and the bonus amount, then multiply that sum by the rollover factor.

(deposit amount + bonus amount) x rollover factor = wagering requirement

To make it easier, we will use the USACASINO bonus code as an example. This promotion has a 40x rollover over amount. If you were to deposit $50, you would receive a $50 bonus. This would make your wagering requirement $4000.

($50 deposit + $50 bonus) x 40x rollover amount = $4,000

Once you meet this wagering requirement you will be able withdraw from your account.

As you can see, the wagering requirement is easy to calculate but very important in figuring out the amount you would need to play before you can withdraw money after claiming a bonus. If you feel that you are not prepared to accept these requirements, look for another bonus code with a lower rollover amount and/or bonus. Sometimes the higher bonus may look appealing, but for those that are just starting this may not be the best option for everyone.


Register a BetDSI Account

To activate one of the Welcome Bonus Codes or other promotion, you’ll want to learn about how to create a BetDSI account.


Creating a BetDSI Account


The process is straightforward, go to our BetDSI Promo Code article to learn how easy the process is.


Funding Your BetDSI Account

Now that you learned about the BetDSI Bonus Codes and signe-up for a BetDSI account, you’re probably interested in learning how to fund your BetDSI account. One of the best options for funding your account is using Bitcoin. There are other options like credit cards and MoneyGram. These will affect the way you request a payout once meeting your wagering requirement.


Depositing into Your BetDSI Account


To learn about depositing money into your BetDSI account, read our main BetDSI Promo Code review here to find out how simple it is.


Requesting a BetDSI Payout

If you’ve met your wagering requirement, you’ll want to learn about payout options at BetDSI. The best option for receiving payout is through Bitcoin. If you made a deposit with Bitcoin there is no fee and is the fastest option to receiver your money.


Requesting a BetDSI Payout


Read more about BetDSI Payouts at


BetDSI House Rules

Before you get started, make sure to read about the BetDSI House Rules. Some of the more interesting House Rules at BetDSI are covered in our main BetDSI Promo Code article found here.



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Thank you for the explanations, I decided to use the 50/50 bonus since I like sports betting too. The code USABONUS delivered as promised so will try to work off the wagering requirements! But overall, BetDSI is a great site, intuitive, and easy to use. I like it!

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The review is very details. Pictures helped guide me through as I am a visual person. Also the explanation of wagering requirements helped me pick the 100% welcome bonus for casino. I have no interest in sports, and realized having to clear a sports playthrough wouldn't be happeninging haha.