Bovada is known for their Sportsbook, but also have a separate poker room at Bovada Poker, for players that are looking to diversify outside of sports. The Bovada Poker software can be played through a downloadable client software or through the web browser on your mobile phone or desktop. New players that create an account will have the option for a Poker specific Welcome Bonus on their first deposit.

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Welcome Bonuses Available

Bovada Poker offers new players two Welcome Bonuses when they make an initial deposit after creating their Bovada account. If you are an existing Bovada user, you will be unable to claim these Welcome Bonuses, but other deposit bonuses are often available at the Bovada Poker promotions page.


Poker Welcome Bonus

When you are a new player and make you first deposit at Bovada Poker, you will earn a 100% Welcome Bonus, up to $500. To claim this offer you must create an account and make your first deposit using the PWB500 bonus code. To begin releasing your bonus money, you must download the Bovada Poker software. We will explain this later in the Download Bovada Client Software section of this review.

After downloading and installing the software, your bonus will be released to you in increments. For every 150 rewards points earned in Poker, $5 will be released into your account. You must play Poker games or tournaments to earn Reward Points for this bonus offer. The Reward Points will be give to you at the end of each game or tournament. Read the section How to Earn Reward Points to learn more how Reward Points work.

There will be no stated rollover for claiming this Welcome Bonus, but as mentioned your bonus will be release in increments as you earn. If you had an active bonus for your first deposit, you will need to complete that before your Welcome Bonus money can be released into your account. This means if you play Poker while you have an active bonus, you will not earn Rewards Points that will count towards releasing your Welcome Bonus.


Bitcoin Poker Welcome Bonus

The Bitcoin Poker Welcome Bonus is identical to the one listed above, but there is no specific bonus code.


Select the 100% Bitcoin Poker Welcome Bonus

To claim this 100% Welcome Bonus, choose the Bitcoin deposit option. Towards the bottom there will be an option to select this Poker Welcome Bonus 100% up to $500 (50 mBTC) promotional offer from the list.


Ways to Play Bovada Poker

Bovada Poker is available to play on a few options on a mobile device or your personal computer. Whether you enjoy playing on your mobile phone or the comfort of your large screen laptop, Bovada allows you to access their Poker software. All versions of the software will offer the complete functionality of features and Poker games.

We will go over the 3 most popular options in this section.


Mobile Browser

One of the best ways to access Bovada Poker, is through your mobile device. The advantage of using your mobile phone to access Bovada is that your phone is usually on you and it will be connected to the internet no matter where you are. The performance on your phone should not be an issue as the web browser version of Bovada appears to be optimized for mobile devices within the last few years.

If you are currently reading this review on your phone, you can head directly to the mobile version of Bovada Poker by clicking on this button.


Mobile – Bovada Poker Account Registration and Login Page

Here you will go directly to the Bovada Registration page. If you haven’t created an account you can do so now. We go over this in detail on the Create Account section. If you already created an account, you can click the “Login” button at the top. This will take you to the login screen.


Mobile – Bovada Poker Lobby & Main Menu

Here you will see the layout is optimized for mobile phone in portrait mode, with everything you need easily accessible.

You can access the main menu by clicking on the “menu” icon on the top right corner. This will give you access to all the different type of Poker games like Cash Games, Sit & Go and Tournaments.


Mobile – Make Your Deposit & Claim Bonus

If you want to make your initial deposit to claim the 100% Poker Welcome Bonus (PWB500) you can get to the Cashier by click on the “Deposit” button at the bottom of the menu. This will give you the option to choose how you want to fund your account and also select a coupon code.


Mobile App

Currently Bovada Poker does not offer a dedicated app for iOS or Android. We recommend you view Bovada Poker through the web browser on your mobile device. You will find the quality of Bovada Poker software on a web browsers performs as smoothly a dedicated app.


Desktop Browser

Even though we prefer to access Bovada through our mobile browser, you can also do so through your favorit desktop browser. This is ideal for those that want to use a larger screen and possibly multi-task. Assuming you are currently on your laptop or PC, you can go directly to the desktop version by clicking on this button


Bovada Poker Registration Page

This will take you to the Bovada Poker sign-up page. If you are a new player at Bovada, you can claim the 100% Poker Welcome Bonus — bonus code PWB500 — when you make your first deposit. The process to create an account is easy, but you can read our overview on how to create a Bovada account by reading the Create Account section.


Bovada Poker Lobby

Once you are logged into your account, you will see that the desktop version of the Bovada Poker software takes advantage of the larger resolution compared to the mobile browser version. Everything is easily accessible, allowing you to find what you need quickly.


Desktop Client

Bovada also offers a desktop standalone version of their Bovada Poker software. The software client runs on either Windows or Macintosh computers. We recommend creating your account first, through the Bovada Poker website on a mobile device or desktop first. Once you create your account, you can read about the download process in the following section.

By logging into the Bovada website and going to the Poker section, you will be able to get the official download link for the Bovada Poker client.

If you plan to claim the 100% Poker Welcome Bonus, you must download the Desktop Client to complete the final requirement.


Download Bovada Poker Client Software

Bovada offers a standalone client for their Bovada Poker software. If you haven’t created an account already, make sure to create one now through the Bovada website.

To learn more how to create an account, you can read the Create Account section next.


Bovada Poker – Login Prompt

After your account is created, login to the Bovada Website. Then you will need to click on the Poker menu item at the top.


Bovada Poker – Lobby

Now you are logged in, you should be at the Poker Lobby. At the top there will be a blue grey submenu. On the very left, there will be a “Download Poker” icon. Click on this to go to the official download page.


Bovada Poker Download Page

Here you will find the official download links for the Bovada Poker client software. This will give you the option choose the Windows or Macintosh version to download. Click on the button for the software you want to download.


Bovada Poker Installation

Once the file downloads to your computer, click on the executable to install the software. After the software is installed, launch the Bovada Poker client.


Bovada Poker Client – Login

You will now see a login prompt. You can use the account information you already setup in the prior steps. This will take you to Bovada Poker lobby. The layout for the Bovada Poker client software is slightly different.


Bovada Poker Client – Lobby

Here you can see the layout is slightly different than when viewing Bovada Poker through your desktop web browser. Despite the difference in layout, the functionality and availability of games on both platforms is the same.


Bovada Poker Client – Cashier & Menu

The main difference that you will notice is that Cashier link is on the left side of the screen, not inside a menu on the web browser version of Bovada Poker. But the Cashier is not integrated into the desktop client. When you click on this button, it will open up your web browser to make a deposit at the Bovada website.

You can also find the link to the “Account” and “Setting” on the left side.

Overall the quality of software is good. The choice comes down to whether you enjoy playing on your web browser or a standalone desktop client.


Create Account

The first thing you will need to get started and claim the 100% Welcome Bonus — PWB500 promo code — is to create a Bovada account.

To go to the registration link, click on this button below:

This will take you directly to the Bovada registration page.


Bovada Registration Page

Here at the Bovada registration process, the information required is straight forward. Make sure you use your real information when signing up, if you plan to play for real money.

Registration Form
First Name
Last Name
Date of Birth
Mobile Number
Zip Code

Make sure to enter a real mobile number as Bovada will send you an SMS text with a verification code to verify your identity.

Before creating your account you will need to read the Bovada “Terms of Service” page. Once you finish reading, click on the checkbox to agree to the “Terms of Service” and that you are of the legal age according to your local government regulations.


Register – Enter a 4-Digit Security Code

After you verify your identity by entering the SMS “verification” code you received from Bovada, you will need to enter a 4-digit Security PIN number. This PIN will be used to verify your identity when you make a withdrawal request from the Cashier. Make sure to store this in a secure location like a password app.

Next you will see a pop-up promoting a Bitcoin Bonus and the option to deposit into your account. You can close this pop-up and make a deposit later if you want to navigate your new Bovada account. When you are ready to make your first deposit to claim the 100% Poker Welcome Bonus you can read about it in the following section, Make a Deposit.


Make a Deposit

In order to claim the 100% Bovada Poker Welcome Bonus after you create your new account, you will need to make a deposit.


Access the Cashier from the Main Menu

Once you are ready to make your deposit, you can get to the Cashier page by clicking on the “menu” icon on the top right corner. This will open up “Profile” menu. Then click on the “Deposit” button. This will direct you to the Cashier pop-up window.


Deposit – Options to Fund Your Account

At the Cashier pop-up, you will have a few options to fund your first deposit. Bovada allows you to make a deposit using Credit Cards, Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Zelle and Voucher. Each funding option, will have different deposit limits and transaction times.

The first time you use a new deposit option, you may be asked to provide a photocopy of your ID card, a recent utility bill from the last 60 days and/or a filled out copy of the Credit Card verification form


Deposit with a Credit Card

For credit card deposits, you can use a card that is backed by American Express, Visa or Mastercard. There will be a minimum deposit requirement of $20. The maximum allowed for credit card deposits is $1500.

Your first credit card deposit at Bovada is Free, but all additional deposits have a 5.9% fee associated with that transaction. If you are interested in making a deposit without fees, think about using Bitcoin. We cover Bitcoin deposits in the following section.


Deposit – Credit Card Information

The standard credit card information is required to make a deposit. This includes the last 4-digits of your social security number to show that you are legal owner of the credit card being used.

Credit Card Information
Card Number
Last 4-Digits SSN
Street Address

Toward the bottom, you will have the option to choose a Welcome Bonus or other promotional offers that you are interested in. Make sure to select any bonus offer you plan to claim before completing your deposit.

Once you are done, your account will be credited with your deposit and any bonuses you may have opted into.


Deposit with Bitcoin

One of the most popular payment options in the last few years has been Bitcoin. For those of you looking to use this option, it is accepted by Bovada. But if you are new to Bitcoin and want to try it out, Bovada offers a primer tutorial on Bitcoin and ewallets.

One of the best reasons to use Bitcoin to make your deposit is that there is NO FEE when you make a Bitcoin deposit!


Go to the Bitcoin Tutorial

For Bitcoin deposits, you must use an eWallet to complete your transaction. If you are new to Bitcoin and eWallets, we recommend you check out the Bovada tutorial. To get there, you can find details at the Help pages. Here is the path “Help > Bitcoin > Help Question” to find the associated Bitcoin tutorial page at Bovada. There will be a couple of videos you can follow along to help you get started.


Deposit – Bitcoin Address

Here you will find the deposit information necessary to send your payment through your Bitcoin ewallet. You will see the current BTC to USD exchange rate, which will be available for 10 minutes.

You will have the option to send your payment through the Bitcoin address or a QR Code. Both options require the use of an eWallet to send your payment. Once you send your payment, click on the red “Done” button to check on the status of your payment.



When you are ready to make a request for a payout, you can get there by clicking on the “profile” icon on the top right. This will open up the Profile menu, where you can select the “Withdraw” button.


Withdrawal – Payout Options

Options for receiving your payout range from Bitcoin, Check by Courier and Voucher. The options available to you will depend on how you funded your deposit. If you made a deposit with Bitcoin you can receive your payout in the form of Bitcoin. But if you made a deposit using your Credit Card, there is no payout option to be paid back to your Credit Card, so you will have to select payment through Check by Courier.

When you request a payout, the amount will be withdrawn from your account balance. The withdrawal will then be verified by Bovada’s accounting department to make sure all bonus terms are met and that your account is in good standing. The approval process can usually take from 24 to 48 hours. After your withdrawal is approved, the time in which you receive your payment will depend on how you requested your payout.


Bitcoin Withdrawal

Based on Bovada’s transaction fee and timeframe, Bitcoin is the best option to receive your withdrawal payment. There are NO transaction fees. Bitcoin payments will also be paid to you within 15 minutes from when they are approved.

Bitcoin payouts have a minimum payout requirement of only $10, with no maximum limit to how much you can withdraw. But if your payout is over $9500, it will be paid to you in installments. Each installment after can be up to $9500, every 3 days, until the total you requested is reached.

These same rules and steps will apply to funding your account with BitcoinCash. So if you have an eWallet with BitcoinCash, you can use that option to fund your account.


Other Withdrawal Options

The other options to receive your withdrawal payment is through Voucher and Check by Courier. Voucher is the fastest and easiest of the two options.

Voucher payments have no fee and have a minimum requirement of $10. The most you can request at a time is $5000. Once your withdrawal is approved, it should take 15 minutes to receive your payment.

Check by Courier payments unfortunately have a fee of $100. There is also a minimum withdrawal amount of $100 required. There is no limit to how much you can withdraw using a check by courier, but there is a daily limit of $3000. Each installment after that will be every 7 days and also have a $100 withdrawal fee.

For these reasons, we cannot really recommend using Check by Courier to receive your payout payment, unless you have no other options. But we strongly recommend you look into using Bitcoin to make your deposits and withdraws.


How to Earn Reward Points

In this section we will talk about how you earn Rewards Points so that you can convert your bonus money from the 100% Welcome Bonus — PWB500 — into real money.

Before talking about how to earn Rewards Points, we will show you where to view your current Reward Points Earned.


Check You Current Reward Points

Click on the profile icon, to open up the main menu. In the blue section, you will see a “gift” icon with the title “Rewards”. Click on this icon to view your current Reward Points.


Current Reward Point Status

At the top you will see your current level, in this case “Level”. You will also see the the point range for this level to the right.

Below that you will see how much Reward Point you will need to spend for your next $1.

Next you will see a meter showing how you current standing in your tier level and how many more points you need until you reach your next tier level.

When you expand, “accordion” menu you will see the rewards you will earn once you reach the next tier level.

Finally at the bottom you will see how many Reward Points you have earned. You will also see how much these Reward Points convert to in real money. If you would like to redeem, click the “Get My Bonus” button.


Earning Points at Bovada Poker

We will concentrate on how you can earn Points playing poker games and tournaments at Bovada Poker. These Reward Points will allow you to do two things. First, it will allow you earn rewards through the Bovada Rewards Program. Second, it will help you convert your bonus money from the 100% Welcome Bonus to real money.

You will earn Reward Points at different rates for the type of Poker games you choose to play.

Cash Games
You will receive 15 Reward Points for each $1 you contribute to the Rake
You will earn 15 Reward Points for every dollar you pay in tournament fees
Jackpot Sit & Go
You will get 1.5 Reward Points for every $1 you spend on buy-in

Note you can also earn Reward Points at Bovada Sports, Bovada Casino and Bovada Horses. You can check out each of those sub-websites to see the different rates at which you can earn Reward Points by wagering on games a each of these Bovada websites.


Reward Points Level

The rate at which you can redeem your Reward Points for $1 in real money will vary depending on your level. The first level is “Starter” and you will convert $2500 RP to $1 and the last level is “Hall of Fame”, where you will convert $1000 RP to $1.


Rewards Point Table

Besides the redemption rate of Reward Points, the Cash Back for Poker, Casino and Sports will also vary. Check out this table to see the full Level of Reward Points.

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